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The Holy Monastery Of Aghia Triada

The holy monastery of Agh. Triada is archaeologically interesting and is magically situated high above the village of Trapeza near the town of Diacopto.

It is built on the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to the Earth Goddess. A dome survives which is a conical structure much like a Mycenean tomb. It dates from the late period and is 6.2 meters high. There is also another more recently constructed dome.

The ancient dome has been transformed into a church and has wall paintings dating from 1757. According to Koryllon the monastry was founded in 1936 AD.

Today one can visit the monastry and enjoy the hospitality offered by the single monk who resides there.

Pounta beach

Enjoy your swim at the beach of Pounta, annualy awarded with the Blue Flag.

Here you will also enjoy your lunch or dinner at the picturesque taverns and in the evening, have a drink and listen to some music at the nearby bars.

Hang Gliding Take-Off Site


The Aghia Triada take-off site is above Trapeza village, near Diakopto and is some 800 meters above sea level at UTM34SN x:606604-y:4224721 and can be flown with North Easterlies and lighter breezes from April through September. 
The flight is very beautiful and if one can gain height one can enjoy a view of the plateau of Aghios Nikolaos.
More information can be found on the Homepage of LEALPPA.

Tsivlou Lake

Λίμνη Τσιβλού

Tsivlou lake is near Akrata at a height of 800 meters. It is one of the very few lakes in the mountainous Peloponnese and was formed by a landslide in 1912 which blocked the Krathi river valley.

It covers an area of 200 acres and a maximum depth of 80 meters. It is the most noteworthy wetland area of the district and has a path which allows one to walk all the way around it or to simply picnic there in good weather. There are many picturesque nearby villages to be visited. It is some 50 minutes drive (30 km.) from Hotel Theasi.